Karthik Desingh

Brief Bio:

I am a fifth year PhD student at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (moved from Brown University) in Computer Science Engineering department. I am working in "The laboratory for Progress" headed by Prof. Chad Jenkins. My research focus is Perception for Manipulation. Specifically I am developing algorithms that can enable a personal robot to perceive cluttered scenes in order to manipulate objects.

Previously I completed my Masters from the Department of Computer Science at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India. I was working in the Robotics Research Center headed by Dr K Madhava Krishna and was co-advised by Dr C V Jawahar from Center of Visual Information Technology (CVIT).

Resume (updated Oct 17'):Download pdf

Recent notable activities:

Served as peer reviewer for:

AURO'17, AAAI'17, ICHR'16 (Humanoids), IJCAI'16, IROS'16, ICRA'16, IROS'15

Fun hacking activities and demonstrations:

Participated in a week long Mobile Manipulation lab hackathon at University of Michigan Biological Station (May 2017)

Demonstrated and presented research work to the RSS 2016 conference participants - media coverage

Demonstrated and presented research work to the ICRA 2016 conference participants

Participated in a week long Mobile Manipulation lab hackathon at Indiana (May 2016)

Worked with Ian Gonsher in creating Large Screen Mobile Telepresence Robot (LSMTR) - video

Won "Best Microsoft Project Award" at Hack@Brown 2015. Have a look at the Challengepost of the project we call HoloScreen. Here is a small presentation about the same ppt

Designed a Walker robot as part of CS1951 - Designing humanity centered robots. Have a look at the tumblr page and the video for more information. Also my tumbler page for this project.

In summer 2014, I worked for Point Cloud Library as part of Google Summer of Code - 2014 on RGBD-Segmentation project listed here. Visit my blog post.

Open Source Developments:

ros    pcl



Karthik Desingh
Computer Science Engineering Department,
3912 Robotics lab, Bob Betty & Beyster,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
Michigan - 48105, USA

Mail: kdesingh(At)umich(dot)edu