Below are some of the projects I worked on as a Research Assistant and Student.


Virtual Lab Projects

Virtual Lab project is a Govt of India Initiative to Virtualize the advanced research topics to be available to the students all over the world. I worked for the Mobile Robotics virtual lab as an admin and developer. Some of the projects developed are as below. The main objective of these projects is to develop a Java applet that aids the end user to vary the constraints and parameters involved in a particular algorithm/concept being explained and see their variations in the GUI.

Sensor Modelling

Sensor Modelling is a standard way to set your sensor which is noisy in nature to give desirable measurements/data. A GUI has been developed to give a feel of how the parameters that we choose vary the understanding of the same to robot.


Mapping is a standard problem in Robotics where the robot registers the environmental constraints and gets a model such that it can use the model for its navigation and other activities at the later stage. We have implemented the standard mapping algorithm where the sensor readings are fused based on the Probabilistic approach and fill the occupancy grid map of the environment. A GUI has been developed to give the user an environment to place the robot and scan the scene. The updates on the probabilities in the Occupancy grid map is also shown graphically.


Exploration is a primary task of any Robotic platform where it has to understand the environment. Using the mapping concept explained in the earlier project this tasks about automating the mapping algorithm to create the model of the entire environment. A GUI has been developed to give the user step by step understading of the algorithm involved in exploration.

Forward Kinematics

Forward Kinematics deals with the kinematical constraints for a class of mobile robots, namely the differentail drive robot, the tri-cycle drive robot and Omni wheeled robot. A GUI has been developed to aid the user understand the constraints in each of these class of robots.

Link to the virtual lab project page is (applets not maintained with latest browser updates)here

Sensor Modelling Mapping Exploration Forward Kinematics

Course Projects

Implementation of Monte Carlo based Localization of Robots with Sonars

Objective of the project is to understand the Particle filters and implement the same for the Amigo Robots which has Sonars as their sensors.

Implementation of Velocity Obstacle for Multi Robots

Objective of the project is to understand the Kinematic constraints of the Omni directional robot and Differential robot to implement the Velocity Obstacle for Multi Robots on a Differential drive robot from the formulation primarily done for Omni directional robot.

Implementation of RRT path planning for Differential Robot

Objective of the project is to understand the existing path planning algorithms and implement the RRT for a Differential drive robot biasing towards a particular Goal.

SIFT based image retrieval using Bag-of-Words

Objective of the project is to understand the features and descriptors and comeup with closest image retrieval system. Bag-of-words was implemented as the core technique to cluster the image classes and build a visual vocab which helps in better retrieval of the images.

Designing Classifiers

Objective of the project is to develop an understanding of the selection/design of classifiers for datasets of different areas, features, dimensions and classes. Detailed study has been done on the available classifiers and pattern classification algorithms. Project involved in the implementation of Distance based Classifiers and Linear Classifiers. Report of the same is available here.

Development of Communication Interface between Server and Client

The project work involves development of communication interface between server and client using C language under Unix operating system. The server system comprises of mathematical models for different plan processes and requires the data to be communicated to the GUI running in the client. The project involves generating C code using TCP/IP protocols, which could be compiled, linked and tested using the debugging facility of the Unix OS